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Hey all,
We have a couple of banners now available for anyone wanting to spread the word of this cross blogging project, as well as the challenge of seeing all 1001 cult and obscure movies on our list.

If you want to submit any banners or reviews of your own, check out out contact us section for more details on how you can get involved and support the project.

Contributor Spotlight: The Goodkind

Name: The Goodkind
Also appearing: Lost Video Archive
Bio: The Goodkind lives in the Pacific Northwest U.S. where he splits his time between a drawing table and a writing desk. He writes on film and culture at his own site Lost Video Archive and for the magazine Paracinema. He has studied history and philosophy at the University of Washington and is currently working toward a graduate program in American Studies.

Contributor Spotlight: Mondo Bizarro

Name: Mondo Bizarro
Also appearing: Mondo Bizarro
Bio: A man who watches strange movies for no good reason & decides to review them for you.  Enjoy his pain and confusion.
Review Archive

Contributor Spotlight: Jenn

Name: Jenn Francis
Blogs: Cavalcade of Perversions, The Blood Sprayer
About: I'm a lazy bartender with a penchant for horror movies and punk rock and fancy myself a writer in my spare time. I've got a bunch of cats, as well as a bunch of tattoos and my books and VHS tapes are slowing swallowing me inside my apartment.