MBDS Showcase: Jenn (Cavalcade of Perversions)

So welcome to the first edition of the Mad, Bad and Downright Strange Showcase (MBDS Showcase) were we will be inviting some of our favourite critics to pick thier essential five films from our list.

Kicking off our first edition, we asked Jenn Francis who not only is one of our contributors but also runs the wonderfully twisted "Cavalcade of Perversions", looking at the darker and often more screwed up areas of Cult & Horror cinema. This is her showcase


What's better than conjoined twins? Separated telepathic conjoined twins, 42nd Street-in-its-heyday-Frank Henenlotter style.


Killer worms? Yes, please. The line, 'your going to be the spoil, you're going to be the worm face?' Yes, motherfucking please times ten.


Sex zombies, Lynn Lowry in a nurse's uniform, and a random shot of a guy eating a pickle. Thank you, David Cronenberg for this awesome slice of 70's madness. Easily one of my favorite 'zombie' movies.

Critters 2: The Main Course.

The one Mick Garris directed. Clearly Garris' finest achievement. There's lots of phallic imagery and there's subtitles where the titular beasties say 'cheeseburgers, no bones!' God, that's fucking good. I say that all time.


Best. Movie. About. A. Haunted. Wax. Museum. Ever. I like how when the dwarf butler bows, you hearing a swish. It's like a vampire, werewolf, zombie, Marquis de Sade (yep?) movie all in one. And there's a reference to steak tar tar. What other movies can boast this claim?

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  1. WHOAH! I don't think I ever knew that Garris directed Critters 2. It almost makes me want to take back all the awful things I've said about him in the past.